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Khalifah Academy is an educational organization whose purpose is to address the gaps in education within ethnic groups and the economically disadvantaged. As educators, we have become aware that many students of color have difficulties with basic academic skills such as reading and math, which pose a problem in their efforts to successfully complete high school or go on to postsecondary education. These gaps, if not addressed, limit the social and economic mobility of those students and relegate them and their families to second class citizenry due to poverty and exploitation.

Khalifah Academy realizes that education is not only a matter of accumulating knowledge but a means to elevate individuals and the society that they live in.  Therefore, in addressing the basic academic skills of our participants, whose ages range from 4- 64, we also plan to assist them in developing life skills.   Life skills include parenting, critical thinking, interpersonal communication, cultural enrichment and collaboration, entrepreneurship and creative thinking, industrial arts (occupational training), career testing preparation, and healthy cooking are a few of the skills that we wish to teach our students.

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